CNC 移印機(HA-60CNC)|台灣恒基
    Model : HA-60CNC
    Model HA-60CNC-5
    Ink Cup (mm) Ø 60
    Colors 5
    Repetitive Movement Tolerance ± 0.01
    Steel Plate (mm) 100*100mm
    Max. Printing Size (mm) Ø 50
    Power 220V, 60Hz, 3P,
    Machine Size (mm) 1200*1060*1750
    Weight (Kg) 350
    1. Suitable for multi-color printing & different pattern in different position (print on the same substrate)
    2. According to the set up program, three-axis (X、Y、Z) servo motor robot can move the appropriate printing pad to pick up ink and printing position.
    3. Printing head control by servo motor
    4. Accurately control the moving down strength of rubber pad
    5. Computer program controls the depth of the rubber pad
    6. Printing Pad speed is with three-stage control
    7. Printing Pad XYθ adjustable
    8. Computer program records the printing order
    9. PLC program control, simple, easy, and friendly touch operation panel
    10. Automatic pad cleaning device