The History of HANKY 

Hanky was founded in 1979, and was marketed around the world. In the beginning of this establishment, Hanky offered pad printing and screen printing equipment. 

Since 1995, Hanky gradually moved into the field of automation, combined with screen printing, and offset printing. Since then, Hanky has marketed their CD / DVD printing presses in five of the world's continents. After continuously creating and improving their designs for their printing presses, in 2005 Hanky successfully expanded their business to the LCD, PV, Health and other printing fields. In 2016, Hanky worked with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) to create the development of CIGS wet chemical equipment. In 2017, using the years of experience, our company created new whole plant automation equipment for planning and production.


High-Performance Printing Technology Solutions

Hanky has worked to continuously strengthen the product's technological leadership with multi-field printing-related technology. Through 30 years, Hanky has acquired a solid R & D team, mastered marketing opportunities and has a continuous development process and leading equipment technology.

With the experience that Hanky has, they have consistently enhanced their techniques in their printing press, for more sophisticated technology and designs.

Hanky's business scope includes pad printing, screen printing, offset printing, gravure, Flexo, CIGS solar cell automation equipment, and other key printing techniques and equipment. 


Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

Energy consumption is a large environmental problem in our world. In response to this demand, changing the way businesses produce electronics to using a printing method is our common goal.

Our company has jointly worked with Japan in research and design to create more accurate and precise printing in comparison to the traditional yellow process of fine line printing. With this collaboration, our printing precision has been able to reach the fine line of 5um. This can be applied to TP and FPC material.


Future Vision 

Looking forward to the future, we hope to become a world-class manufacturer of printing equipment, become partners with our customers, and grow and innovate together to meet a better future under the quality policy of "Quality of Innovation and Excellence".