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  Basic Specifications and Uses
  Two Basic Systems
  Open ink tray Cup style ink tray
  Advantage: Advantage:
  Traditional machines. West German manufacturing high hardness ceramic
  The different hardness of the squeegee may be selected squeegee durable.
  based on the characteristics of the printed materials. The sealed design, ink, and the smell is not easy to
  Cater for the various different print sizes, printing ink leakage, inserted a little after continuous printing 3 to 4
  tray can choose different size. hours, only Thinner payable on dilution.
  Basic Specifications
  Microcomputer electronic control, with manual, automatic setting print quantity setting, printing ink stick times
  setting LED indicator and warning sound capabilities.
  The work surface up and down and left and right fine tuning.
  The print head and squeegee pressure adjustment function independently.
  Printing Purposesinting area
  Parts applicable to all kinds of hard materials, such as buttons, stationery, household items,
  glasses, cameras, golf and other printed material.