Automatic CCD Alignment
    Model : FP-8080SL、FP-0710SL、FP-1315
    Model FP-8080SL FP-0710SL FP-1315
    Max. Printing Area 650*750MM(G3.5) 730*920MM(G4.5) 1300*1500MM(G5.5)
    1. Automatic connection design, automatic printing production line composition by 3 sections
    2. Roller Loading -> Glass turning - > CCD Alignment - > High Precision Screen Printing - > Roller Unloading
    3. For loading & unloading, UPE rollers are used to prevent material from being scratched and static electricity.
    4. Servo motor control is adopted for the alignment table. With high resolution image system console surface displacement, the alignment accuracy can reach ±5um.
    5. Equipped with automatic squeegee level control, easy to operate
    6. Squeegee & Flooding bar digital constant pressure system, can set the printing pressure individually on the man-machine interface
    7. 100 sets of memory modules can be named individually and quickly called out to facilitate standardized management of different processes