Hanky & Partners (Taiwan) Ltd., established in 1979, is one of the largest printing equipment manufacturers. Hanky Group is committed to continuous research and development and obtains cutting-edge expertise in the printing industry. After all these years, Hanky Group has rapidly transformed into a multinational company providing sales and service in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuxi, America, India and Europe .

Our printing equipments are suitable for various industries such as:
  • High End Optoelectronics and Solar Cell Printer
  • Digital Inkjet Printer
  • Semi Automatic/ Fully Automatic Tampon Printer
  • Semi Automatic/ Fully Automatic Silk Screen Printer
  • CD/ DVD/ BD Printer
  • Therimage Printer

Hanky has gained worldwide recognition in the printing industry after its solar cell printer successful launch. Hence, Hanky understands that continuous research and development is still a major factor in providing the best quality printer.
Hanky will continue to serve and provide the state of art printing equipments in fulfilling our customers’ need along with excellent sales and service support in ensuring a long term customer relationship.